Nuestras mujeres

Alcanzando a nuestras mujeres El pasado sábado 24 de Junio gracias al patrocinio de varias organizaciones interesadas en nuestra comunidad, se realizó la Feria especializada en la mujer latina. Música, comida, rifas,

Extraordinary Parents

Extraordinary Parents Philadelphia, PA.- There are fathers in our community who are distinctive because they quietly lead by example. Some do so simply by spending quality time with family and working hard, others

Padres extraordinarios

Padres Extraordinarios Philadelphia, PA.- Se acerca una fecha especial para las familias en general, pero a diferencia del día de las madres, en donde la gran mayoría tiene una madre a quien festejar o a

Wonderful Mothers

Every story a world Wonderful mothers of the “Congreso Family” Philadelphia, PA.- I am convinced that every life story really deserves a book, a Best Seller, a movie. Every life is worth telling,

Madres maravillosas

Cada historia un mundo Madres maravillosas de la “Familia Congreso” Philadelphia, PA.- Estoy convencida que realmente cada historia de vida merece un libro, un Best Seller, una película. Cada vida es digna de

The White Wine

The White Wine May do no favors for a woman's skin Could that glass of Chardonnay affect the condition of your skin? Maybe, according to new research that found women with certain drinking


La Espirulina El alimento de moda Seguro que has ido al supermercado y alguien te lo ha dicho. Venga, algún amigo o un vecino. ¿No? ¿Nadie te ha hablado sobre la espirulina? Es

Riding a bike

Riding a bike to work May help you avoid cancer We all know the key to staying healthy and living longer lies in two things: diet and exercise. Meal prep plans keep us

Save Your Life

This Article Could Save Your Life When you have a stroke, every second counts. Receiving good care fast is key to avoiding long-term damage. For an ischemic stroke (the most common kind, when

The best shape of your life

According to science “How to get into the best shape of your life” Maybe your goal pace feels just out of reach. Or you're frustrated by a lack of progress at the gym.