Educación y capacitación de la mujer

Es un derecho humano fundamental

La discriminación de género debilita de muchas formas las perspectivas de las mujeres de recibir una educación. Los matrimonios a edad temprana y el trabajo doméstico llevan a muchas niñas y jóvenes a abandonar la escuela. El acoso sexual en los espacios públicos puede confinarlas a sus hogares.

El reciente progreso mundial hacia la enseñanza primaria universal es loable. Pero para las mujeres y las niñas es insuficiente. La falta de escolarización, la pobreza, el desempleo y los peores trabajos todavía recaen de forma desproporcionada en las mujeres. La educación es su derecho y su camino a un futuro mejor.

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Las mujeres más influyentes del mundo, según la revista Time nos inspiran a TODAS.

Malala Yousafzai, la joven chica pakistaní ganadora del Premio Nobel de la Paz, ha dicho que la educación es un valioso regalo que les damos a las generaciones más jóvenes.

Every girl and woman has a right to education. No matter where she lives.

Tips for Women Students

Consejos para Mujeres Estudiantes

It will be reassuring to have a specific group of peers to meet with. Such “women in physics” or “women in engineering” groups not only provide a group of people in a very similar situation to you but also have organized practical connections such as resources and advice.
A mentor is someone who can provide you with guidance and advice. Many colleges have formal mentoring programs to connect mentors and mentees, but if not, seek one out on your own.
Another pitfall for women is the tendency to help others before helping themselves. In a science career, where individual accomplishments are used as the main basis for judgment, this is detrimental. Regardless of whether the research environment is collaborative or competitive, make sure your own interests are being met.
Listening in classes and completing homework is so different from any kind of work done in an actual scientific or engineering career.
College can be overwhelming with the rate of new material you are expected to learn, as well as all of the possibilities for extracurricular activities. Time management is a must, but it is a topic never taught.
Inevitably, rude or sexist remarks from others will occasionally happen, even though they are not supposed to. The worst ones attack women’s abilities in science, engineering, or math.
Ask questions in class. If you’re not understanding material from class or homework assignments, visit your professor or teaching assistant during office hours. It’s their job to help you so take advantage of it.
A common stumbling block for women college students is lack of confidence. Remember that you were accepted to your college because of your qualifications and accomplishments, and you belong there.
When approaching the senior years of college, always look a step ahead. Try to identify internship, graduate school, or other interesting options well in advance. Find out what it takes to be admitted to these programs and put in the effort needed.